Electric-type Pokémon have electricity-oriented powers. This category is usually represented by Pikachu, as Pikachu is likely the most famous Pokémon of this type, indeed probably the most famous out of all Pokémon.

Electric-type attacks usually have a chance of causing the Paralyze status effect, which gives the affected Pokémon a severe Speed statistic reduction along with a 25% chance of being unable to move for a turn.

Electric Pokemon represent electricity, electrical energy, and light (as many electric pokemon can learn Flash). Many Electric types are known for living near, around, or sometimes in areas of human habitation (possibly due to the large amount of electricity people use). Some electric Pokémon, like Voltorb and Magnemite, resemble artificial objects used by humans (Voltorb's resemble Pokéballs, and the Magnemite family have what appear to be screws and magnets attached to their bodies).