Flying Pokémon are Pokémon who can fly and live at high altitudes. They are normally birds or dragon-like (if not always Dragon-type) Pokémon, but there are exceptions, such as the sea serpent-like Water-and Flying-type Gyarados. The Flying-type only appeared once on any Pokémon as its only type – Tornadus. All the other Flying-type Pokémon are dual-types, unless you count Arceus holding the Sky plate. With the exception of Girafarig, Meloia, Deerling, Sawsbuck and Bibarel, the only Normal dual-type Pokémon are Flying.

Flying-type Pokémon should not be confused with the glitchy Bird-type Pokémon, Missingno and 'M.

Some of them, mainly Gyarados, cannot use the HM Fly. Several Pokémon who seem to be able to fly are not of the flying type.

Their greatest weaknesses are Electric, Ice, and Rock Pokémon. All Flying-type Pokémon are immune to all Ground-type moves and are strong against Bug and Fighting types.