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Type Grass /Poison
Evolves From Ivysaur
Evolves Into None
Method or Lvl None
Attacks (Natural) Razor Leaf
Giga Drain
Double Edge
Number 3

Venusaur is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon. Venusaur is the final stage of Bulbasaur. Venusaur evolves from Ivysaur starting at Level 36. Its English name is made from the words Venus (or Venus Flytrap) and Dinosaur, yielding its name, Venusaur.

Venusaur is an excellent pokemon for taking on the Team Aqua Boss trainers, the addition of Solar Beam to its moveset makes it virtually unstopable when faced with almost any opponent and moves like leech seed and growl means that it can be balanced out in order to use it to catch pokemon on any map.

Details [1]EditEdit

Evolution Chain: Bulbasaur --> Ivysaur --> Venusaur

Strong Against: Water Type; Rock Type

Weak Against: Fire Type; Psychic Type; Flying Type; Bug Type